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    4WAYTEX is a Direct Alpine trademark for a "sandwich construction of materials", in which individual layers are properly combined to ensure excellent product parameters.


    CLIMASHIELD  - This high insulation fabric is machine-washable and will not clump or shift. Water resistant - Dries quickly and maintains warmth even in wet conditions. Hypoallergenic - Unlike down, does not provoke allergies.


    COOLMAX® is a high tech fabric specifically and uniquely engineered to keep users dry and comfortable. Coolmax® fabrics are made from specially engineered polyester fibres from ADVANSA with an increased surface area. This special four-channel or six-channel fiber pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric.


    CORDURA® fabric is durable, versatile and reliable. Constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies.


    DIAPLEX is a smart material capable of adapting itself to ensure maximum comfort for the clothing user. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Patented. Made in Japan.


    DYNAMIC SOFTSHELL - Two and three layer laminate with excellent permeability. Material developed with particular focus on vapor-permeability along with low weight and sufficient wind and waterproofness. 


    DUPONT SORONA – ESPOL - Renewable sourced fiber that delivers superior performance. Fabrics that use Sorona® are very soft, strong and dry quickly. Sorona® helps fabrics stretch comfortably and retain their shape. Sorona® contains 37% annually renewable plant-based ingredients by weight.
    EZANAGI - Ezanagi membrane consists of non-micro porous polyurethane and provides excellent waterproofness. This membrane absorbs moisture, keeping the garment dry, minimizing condensation, even in cold weather. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Patented. Made in Japan.


    FRESHCOOL - Freshcool combines 2 technologies into 1 textile. Outside it protects the textile from water, dirt and stain. Inside moisture from the skin is absorbed and quickly transmits to the outside.


    GELANOTS - Soft and flexible with only thin PU membrane, but advanced in waterproof & windproof & breathability. Offering high level of comfort by its hydrophobic monolithic membrane (non porous). Eco – friendly non fluorinated fabric. Made by Toyota Tsusho (Japan).


    GELANOTS HBA polyurethane hydrophobic monolithic membrane with extreme thinness (12 – 15 micron). In addition to maintaining the basic features of waterproof and windproof, this membrane will keep you comfortable under wet and humid conditions through its high breathability. Eco – friendly non fluorinated fabric. Made by Toyota Tsusho (Japan).


    HYBRID SYSTEM - The main aim of the Hybrid system is to find the balance (joining different kinds of materials) or optimal functionality of the product (“WWV” – waterproof, windproof, vapor permeability). It is often the case of joining membrane and non-membrane materials, completed with functional knitting to optimize the functionality.


    HYDROPHOBIC EXTREME - It is hydrophobic and oleophobic finishing of textiles, be it cloth, webbing or non-woven textiles. A thin nano layer of fluorocarbon is created on the surface making it extremely water-repellent and oleophobic. Hydrophobic Extreme finishing developed by NANOMEMBRANE involves every single fiber being coated with a thin layer of nano particles. The result is an extremely high level of hydrophobic and oleophobic finishing that prevents water, wine, coffee or grease from making stains on the surface of the textiles or even damaging them. Highly Eco friendly - no water used during the treatment of textile.


    COOL COMFORT - Soft and comfortable fabric, keeps you cool and dry. Long lasting performance – wash after wash.


    MICROLIGHT - Strong nylon fabric made from the thinnest fibers possible. This fabric is excellent in combination with insulating materials (Primaloft, eco2sy, Dupont, etc.). The main advantages of MICROLIGHT is its lightness (30 – 50 g/m2), windproof and compressibility. 


    MOISTURE MANAGEMENT - Chemically modified polyamide fabric in which the fibers encourage moisture to move away from the skin to the garment‘s outer surface.


    NO WIND® is a windproof fleece material with high breathability and vapor permeability rates.


    PERTEX ENDURANCE® - technology incorporates an ultra-thin air permeable coating that is both highly breathable, water and wind resistant. This layer protects the insulation material from the elements to maintain loft and retain warmth.


    PERTEX QUANTUM® - is the lightest fabric Pertex makes. It is a true featherweight at around 30 g/m2. They use the finest yarns available to them with the maximum thread count. Pertex Quantum® stands its ground and shows the best strength to weight ratio.


    POLARTEC® ALPHA® - is the latest evolution of synthetic insulation offering a rare combination of lightweight warmth and true breathability in a „puffy“ style garment.  Because Polartec Alpha insulation is highly durable and more stable than other synthetic insulation products, more open-construction woven face and back fabrics can be selected to create an air permeable package.  This small amount of airflow rapidly draws moisture away from the body and allows Polartec Alpha to be worn in a wider range of activities compared to classic „vapor barrier“ style insulation.


    POLARTEC® POWER DRY® fabrics are designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. Ideal for runners, skiers, and adventure travelers, all fabrics in this series feature a patented bi-component knit construction that uses different yarns on either side of the fabric. This creates two different surfaces: one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, the other to dry quickly.


    POLARTEC® POWER STRETCH® fabrics feature body-hugging 4-way stretch and are very breathable. Many of the fabrics feature a proprietary construction with two unique surfaces: the durable, smooth outer layer is wind and abrasion-resistant, the soft inner layer pulls moisture away from skin keeping dry, warm and comfortable.


    POLARTEC® WIND PRO® - fabrics are extremely breathable yet provide 4 times more wind resistance than traditional fleece. This is the new „super fleece“ that spans an incredibly wide range of conditions; performs
    as both outerwear and insulation; and offers exceptional durability. This is a versatile fabric that can be worn all year long for a variety of activities, from watching an outdoor football game to snowshoeing.


    PRIMALOFT® GOLD is the highest performing insulation on the market for warmth, water resistance, softness
    and compressibility. PrimaLoft® Gold is an ultra-fine microfiber insulation that is as warm, soft and lightweight, and is warmer wet or dry than all other insulation.


    PRIMALOFT® SILVER is a premium performance insulation engineered for superior warmth, water resistance, loft, softness and compressibility. PrimaLoft® Silver insulation keeps the body warm, dry and comfortable, even in extreme conditions.


    PONTETORTO TECNOSTRETCH is ideal for base and mid layering. The component yarns make the face durable, whilst the polyester reverse has both insulation and wicking properties - added elastomer ensures a body hugging fit.


    TECNOWOOL - Traditional wool combined with synthetic fibers is the perfect combination for casual and sports. Fashion combined with technology. The outside is durable and stays soft also after repeated washing.


    ADVANSA THERMOCOOL is designed to optimize the body’s natural thermoregulation capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections which provide evaporating, cooling and thermo-buffering  qualities depending on the weather conditions.


    THERMOLITE® provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It’s the lightweight fabric that provides heavy-duty performance made with ADVANSA engineered hollow-core fibers that trap air for greater insulation. Thermolite® is the perfect layering fabric because it’s comfortable and lightweight, allowing more freedom of movement.