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    DIRECTALPINE is your direct route to the top, to perfection, with no compromises.

    DIRECTALPINE LLC is a Czech company. All our products are made in Europe. 

    In terms of technology and development we are still growing. Our Swiss, German, Austrian, Japanese and Korean business partners are delighted with the success of our products, quality and service.

    We are using the latest technology to eliminate the possibility of product failure – for example: direct joining of individual parts without using conventional sewing, lamination of zips and pockets, laser cutting of reinforcements etc. The use of these cutting edge technologies ensures best quality. DIRECTALPINE places great emphasis on highly creative and modern design. We gain inspiration for further innovations from leading athletes and top mountain climbers who test our clothing.

    We are still a family-owned company. Our collection does not have thousands of products, we do not manufacture hundreds of thousands of items. However, we do focus on each product in detail. Even in the current market globalisation  we still present values which have always belonged to the outdoor – adventure, purity, freedom and friendship. We wish to continue offering high-quality, reliable products, to contribute to the joy you feel from being outdoors..


    2014 - NEW LOGO

    2010 - Cooperation with the Mountain Service of the Tatra National Park, the Mountain Service in Slovakia and professional mountain guides in France.

    Developed clothing line for the team Motorsport ŠKODA AUTO. The perfect cut, quality materials, progressive design and low weight won the hearts of the whole team.The drivers achieved several kilograms weight reduction which resulted in saving precious seconds during competitions.

    2008 - MOUNTAIN TOP pants collection was created. We worked with members of the mountain services, professional mountain guides, travel agencies guides, product managers. The successful SUMMIT and CASCADE models were designed in cooperation with the famous Italian ski alpinism company Skitrab.

    2006 - We continued to expand our activities abroad and kept growing mainly because of export. The combination of price,quality and value of our products, was greatly accepted in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, as well as traditional "outdoor" countries such as France, Italy, Poland and Greece.

    2005 - DIRECTALPINE LLC was founded with two partners remaining: Radek Nováček and Jindra Hudeček. The company moved to a larger facility again, this time in the picturesque Liberec area of Kateřinky. New equipment was purchased for the workshop and newest CAD system.

    A new logo was created. A symbol of an arrow made of stones, which shows the clear way forward and up. Just like us, the stones are part of nature. An arrow made of stones has a clear message: "This is the right way, the route to the goal lies in this direction".

    2000 - Jindra "Hudy" Hudeček, the owner of the first network of outdoor stores in the Czech Republic, joined the company. The strategic partnership led to international growth.The same year the company participated for the first time in ISPO Munich - the biggest outdoor trade fair in Europe.

    1999 - The first prototypes were developed - the hardshell jacket and pants DEVIL ALPINE, which are still in the DirectAlpine collection. The manufacturing of the PATROL pants, made of highly resilient fabric and reinforced knees and seat, was a revolutionary step at the time. The PATROL pants had a huge success. The company expanded even more.

    The first collection at the exhibition Sport Prague in 1999:

    1998 - The company expanded and added more textiles focusing on the use of outdoor activities, membranes and insulation fleeces. The first models of outdoor clothing under the brand name "Direct" were created. The idea was to create technical equipment for the most severe conditions. The company expanded their operational and storage facilities.

    1997 - Radek Nováček and Jirka Sika, friends for many years and climbing buddies, found a small trading company and started working on the testing and sale of fabrics. Both friends shared same interests in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, para-gliding, MTB, Telemark etc. They focused on high-quality textile products from Czech and European manufacturers, and gradually built up a network of customers throughout the Czech Republic.